Client: Designboom | LIEN Foundation |ACM Foundation
Phase: International competition | Shortlist Project
Year: 2013

The Act of cremation is used not only as an end but as a beginning; taking a cue from 3d printing examples applied to reconstruction of bones or to research the IACC regarding printing with the sand, the objects are printed with the ashes of the deceased more an additive for solidification. So the earthly body once again becomes container and content. The shape varies from a genotype based on variants of: age, date of birth, date of death, male or female, location. The size and its weight varies depending on the subject; The water represents the 60-65% of the weight of a human. The rest of the body mass is given by calcium phosphate and sodium and potassium salts present in the skeletal structure of the individual. On average, a corpse produces about 2.4 kg of ash, with a slightly higher weight in the masculine gender.