Location: Museum Gardens, London
Client: ArchTriumph, Museum Gardens
Phase: International competition
Year: 2013

In the dream the perception of space and time do not take rules; the project aims to reintroduce this perception, creating a self-supporting structure that varies each time the moment of its formation.The Pavilion is the result of a transparent PVC bag of triangular shape, completely filled with recycled plastic colored balls of two different sizes (20 cm and 30 cm), which subsequently is aspirated the air inside. The mechanism is the same vacuum food. The Pavilion takes a form that reaches a maximum height of 4 meters and occupies an area that hovers between 40 and 50 m² when is vacuum-sealed. The project puts a vacuum action, the game, removing it and falls with the endless balls, preserves the moment when a child dreams of playing in of the gardens museum, London. The Pavilion becomes one each time it is mounted and acquires an educational factor for its constructive and dreamlike conformation at the same time.