When container and contents meet, the result is a captivating, intriguing union that becomes an all- embracing sensorial experience.

A study of the relationship between a container and what it holds develops into a desire to express how important the way the form is perceived can be in the thought process leading to a conception of its contents. The olfactory experience turns into sensory perception that dazzles sight and touch, and takes tangible shape as a one of a kind flacon conceived through an algorithm as the translation of an emotion into a 3D experiential form.

This is the concept Italian designers LashUp pursued in creating the flacon for Salvatore Ferragamo’s new AMO fragrance.

AMO literally means “I love” in Italian

To create the bottle, LashUp, founded in Florence in 2011 by Claudio Granato and Enrico Pieraccioli, used an innovative process that allows glass to undergo alteration, reproducing and translating a graphic record of the heart’s activity through the use of parametric software. In the face of a positive emotion, the heartbeat transmutes into a variation in the structure of the flacon. In its most heightened emotional state, it becomes a time frame, so creating a textured surface that sparkles with reflected light.
The entire bottle, the glass it is made of and the stopper that completes it, seem to become emotional on contact with the contents to emphasize the “love of life” that it represents. An infinite emotional and sensorial experience, emblematic of elective affinities that naturally come alive and materialize in a flacon of perfume.

Salvatore Ferragamo Parfums
Product design for flacon and packaging