Harrods Shoe Heaven


Ph: Mattia Micheli
Model: Korlan Madi


3d printing test Overbody

explores the theme of overcoming physical and spatial limits, through a formal research that creates grafts between us and the near future

Parametric drawings

textile design AW 14-15 in collaboration with TexTeam and Jagarage.

Gizmo | Born to be a light
is object of affection

The relationship between form and function is replaced
by light stimulation that try to connect with the user
through a symbolic and emotional

Exhibition | MLab Architetti
Pastshock Florence

Research | The Atlas of Sensations

Urban Strategies
Universität für angewandte Kunst, Wien, Austria

Surface Translations

The project looked at techniques of producing highly articulated, “pleated” surfaces

NY Cityvision

Human Heritage Site
A document on how we were

Switch to pure Volvo

Aria represents the world around us where the forces
of nature are simple and enigmatic at the same time


We are a multidisciplinary studio that operates in the fields of Architecture, Design and Research. We interpret projects with new methodologies that integrate design with parallel disciplines.

CityVision Mag

Lash-up is satellite editorial staff to Florence of the free press of contemporary architecture.